1) What is GAU Study Abroad? GAU Study Abroad is an excellent opportunity for students to live abroad, experience new cultures and gain unique learning experiences in a different environment.

2) Why should I study abroad? Study abroad is a great way to gain a new learning experience in a different culture and environment.

3) What is an Exchange Program? Girne American University encourages its students to participate in a students’ exchange program for at least a semester. Students’ Exchange Programs are an excellent opportunity for students to live abroad, experience new cultures and gain unique learning experiences in another environment. Girne American University has a special portfolio of partner universities for student exchange programs. These partnerships give Girne American University undergraduate students a great opportunity to study abroad (outgoing exchange students) and for the international undergraduate students the opportunity to study at GAU a truly global university (incoming exchange students). In addition to undergraduates’ students exchange programs we provide a number of graduate exchange programs with our international exchange partners and manage programs for students mobility.

4) How long do study abroad programs take? The duration depends on the program. Short term programs generally take two weeks and other programs can take up to one or two semestes.

5) When can I study abroad? Can I only study abroad once? You have the opportunity to study abroad for up 2 years, we already have some programs and you can choose the suitable one for you.

6) Where can I go ? You have the option to choose to study in one of our seven campuses (Cyprus, United Kingdom, Moldova, USA, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Turkey) and/or one of many international universities we have partnerships with. You can find a list of universities in partnership with GAU on our website

7) I don’t see so much programs associate with my departure, can I still go ? Study abroad in one of our international campuses depends on the availability of the program you study in the campus you wish to study in. In order to asist in you in choosing the right campus please contact our international campuses office via....

8) When can I start applying for study abroad programs ? You can apply to study abroad in our international campuses after you have enrolled onto your program at GAU Cyprus. Please visit our website to see the available opportunities.

9) How much does it cost to study abroad ? / What will it cost me to study abroad ? The cost of study depends on the program you are studying. The scholarship you recieve in GAU Cyprus may be applicable to the international campus abroad.

10) How do I apply? What do I do? Once you have decided the porgam you wish to join first you will need to complete and submit the course approval form and apply for a visa if applicable according to the country you are applying to study.

11) How do I get a student visa? / How do I apply for visa? / Do I need to apply for a student visa? Students who need a visa, must apply for a visa via an agency or visit the embassy website for more information .

12) Can I submit my application after the deadline? In order to avoid missing any courses it is crucial that applicants adhere to the deadlines. However, individual cases with exceptional circumstances can be evaluated accordingly.

13) In which language are we able to study abroad? The education language in all our campuses is English. We advice our students to joing our Foundation Language Program in UK Canterbury to improve their english in an native environement.

14) How many classes ( ECTS ) should I take per semester ? Generally, each course is equivalent 3 ECTS. Short term, you can take two courses and each courses are equivalent to 3 ECTS. Another programs(one semester), you can take maximum 6 courses.

15) Is there a minimum GPA requirement? There is minimum GPA requirement of 2.00 .However, no minimum GPA requriment is for short term programs.

16) How can I find accommodation on or near campus? It is normally the student’s responsibility to find and sort their accomodation. However, we would be more than greatful to share with our students our suggestions.

17) What about insurance, is it required? Students are advised to insure themselves, please contact the International Office for more information.

18) May I talk to a student who has participated in GAU Study Abroad program? Yes, please contact with us and we can provide you with the contact of our previous participants.

19) Can I apply to two programs at once ? Yes, though it depends on the timing of the programs.

20) How can I learn more about GAU Study Abroad? Please contact the İnternational Campüses team in the Rectorate building or check the Study Abroad website & social media Follow us...

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